If you have cannabis in your life, you need one of these in your home

If you have cannabis in your life, you need one of these in your home

Is a roommate dipping into your weed stash box? Need to keep kids safe from your edibles? Would family members or the landlord be a problem if they saw you had cannabis? Have a friend who’s trying to stay clean? Need a safe way to come and go with your bud? No matter what issues you face while having cannabis at home, we have the perfect stash box or bag for you.

The Four Best Reasons To Own a Stash Box

Lockable Storage For Child Safety

If children visit or live at home, you must protect them from your cannabis. They're curious and will eventually explore every corner of the house. If they find your stash - especially your edible sweets - they will eat them. And that's a 911 call. Protect your kids by keeping your stash in a special lock box that's easy to hide.

Storing Your Personal Herb With Class

You live alone or with adults you trust and in a state where having cannabis is finally both legal and cool. So move it out of baggies in the closet and into a classy display stash box. Or bring your stash along with you in a locking, scent-proof travel bag. Take your cannabis out of the shadows and make it classy.

Hide Your Cannabis Out In Plain Sight

The best way to hide anything is to make it look like something else. StoreMyStash offers over 40 herb storage items from Hakuna Supply and Stashlogix that do exactly that. Some are even lockable for extra protection. At home or on the go, keep your herb both secured and out where they will simply blend in.

Because Cannabis is a Very Personal Choice

You carry your cannabis with you for personal or medical reasons. Either way, it's no one else's business and the only people who know are those you've chosen to tell. That's why a locking scent-proof Stashlogix bag is perfect for keeping your secret from everyone else as you confidently move out into your day.