If you have cannabis in your life, you need one of these in your home.

These are the broad categories of crafted, discreet and locking stash box ideas that make it easy to safely store your cannabis at home. Or take it with you in a fashionable, scent-proof and locking stash bag. Either way, you can protect your stash, those around it, and your privacy in a container designed to both seal and conceal your cannabis.

The Best Way To Choose A Cannabis Stash Box Is Be Clear What You Need To Protect.

How your living situation points you to the right stash box.
Are there minors to protect from your cannabis? Would someone help themselves if they found your stash? Or do you trust everyone to play nice and leave it alone? Maybe you just want to protect your privacy. No matter your situation, our complete line of crafted, locking stash boxes and bag ideas make it easy to safely store or carry your cannabis. At home or on the road, our boxes and bags are designed to hold, seal and conceal your cannabis to protect whatever is important to you.

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The Four Best Reasons To Own One

Lockable Storage For Child Safety

If you have children, or if there's a chance some might visit, you must keep your herb locked up. Children are curious and get into everything. Or even if friends or family in your space, we urge you to get a lockable stash box or bags. As always, safety first.

Store Your Stash With Class

It's time to start treating your herb like it deserves a special place in your life. Move your goodies out of random baggies in random drawers and keep it in style. By getting one of these storage items says that having herb in your life is more than okay, it's classy.

Keep Your Stash Out In Plain Sight

The best way to hide anything is to make it look like something else. We offer over 40 herb storage items from Hakuna Supply and Stashlogix that do exactly that. For home or on the go, keep your herb both secured and out where they'll simply blend in.

Because It's a Very Personal Choice

Herb is in your life because it's a choice or a medical necessity. Either way, it's personal. Only those you tell should know you carry it. That's why you need a scent-proof Stashlogix bag. No one will suspect a thing as you and your herb are on the move.