Secret Stash Box

Van Gough Lock Book Box
These secret stash box ideas are an amazing way to hide your stash from anyone at home. Even if you live alone, this is a great way to keep guests and visitors from knowing you have cannabis in the house.

The idea works so well because these stash boxes are disguised to look like an old book. That means these secret stash box items will easily blend in up on your bookshelf.

This is the perfect example of hiding something in plain sight.

The designers chose each cover design especially to look old and uninteresting so they don’t attract attention.

You can put all your stash one, set it up with all your other books and it just disappears.

If the people – or minors – at home make you want more security, we have the perfect answer. We’ve taken the secret stash box idea a step further with a model that features a locking metal panel.

That makes it a secret stash safe.

Which is great if you need to ensure no one – especially children – can’t get into your cannabis goodies.

A Hakuna book stash box is perfect when you decide that herb truly belongs in your life and you want to be sure no one finds it.

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Showing all 2 results