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We’re very pleased to carry this affordable and popular line of display stash box items that are made by our friends at Hakuna Supply.

They designed these Display Stash Boxes for people who completely trust everyone who lives in or visits their home. And with crafted, furniture-quality details and finish, a display stash box is a great-looking addition.

So a stash box like this is ideal for living situations where everyone respects your boundaries. Also important is that there are no minors who might find and get into your stash.

If this sounds like you, then there’s no need to lock or hide your stash. You can simply leave your box out so it’s accessible.

There are two styles of display stash box: The first has a very clean, minimalist look that’s possible with no latch or locking hardware.

Another box design has a lid held closed by two strong magnets. While the other version is the premium Signature Line comes with a key-lock.

Both are roomy enough on the inside to keep all your cannabis goodies well-protected from the elements.

This the black minimalist design comes with and without laser etched designs on the lid.

The next display stash box line is smaller more personal size that features a natural wood look. There are several styles to choose from and each has a unique laser etched design on the lid.

So no matter why you have cannabis in your life, it’s time to get the right stash gear and give it a special place in your home.

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