Secret Stash Book Box

Two Book Stash Box Group Shot

These secret book stash box ideas are a clever way to conceal your stash from anyone. Because they’re disguised as old books, they’re easy to hide among your other books. They are the perfect example of hiding something in plain sight.

The designers at Hakuna chose each book cover design especially to blend in and not attract attention. You can put your stash one and set it up with all your other books and it just disappears.

Hakuna has taken the book stash box idea one step further with a style that features a locking metal door. That makes the book box a book safe. Which is great if you need to ensure no one – especially children can’t get into your stash. See LiveStoner’s review of our Pin-Up Book Box.

A Hakuna book stash box is perfect when you decide that herb truly belongs in your life and you want to be sure no one finds it.

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Showing all 2 results