Stash Accessories

When you open a Hakuna storage box, you’ll be glad you have our stash accessories. Because whether you’re putting new herb into your box or taking some out, a Hakuna precision-machined grinder, solid wood roll tray and storage jar are must-have items.

Sun Moon Design Bud Grinder - Black Metal Finish

Like any other plant matter, herb will degrade over time. And the best way to prolong the potency of your herb is to keep somewhere cool, dark and dry.

Moreover, that wonderful smell of herb is actually critical terpenes drifting away. That’s why Hakuna air-tight stash jars are perfect for preserving your herb. They lock in the smell of your stash. And that keeps others from knowing you have it in the house.

The craftsmen at Hakuna design and make these high quality accessories to last a life-time. Each one is backed by a worry-free, money-back guarantee.

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