Updated May 30, 2018

Authored by David Brickley

Who We Are, Our Privacy Policy And How We Collect And Use Your Information

Brickley Media LLC (“Us”, “We”, or “Our”) owns, publishes and operates STOREMYSTASH.COM (the “Site”). This page serves to inform you of Our Privacy Policies and your rights and options. This policy describes Our intentions and your rights regarding Our collection, storage and use of any Personal Information We receive from you while you use Our Site.

In return for providing Us with whatever Personal Information you choose to offer, We affirm the following: That We are the sole data controller and as such are the only entity who collects and stores and has access to that information. And that We will use it only to guide our efforts in choosing the most interesting products, producing the most relevant content. And lastly, We will refer to when improving the Site’s performance and structure.

By using the Site, you are agreeing to Our collection, storage and use of whatever Personal Information you provide Us as described here.

Information Collection And Use

As a visitor to Our Site, you can choose to register with as little information as a username, email address and a password. If you do register on Our Site and later make a purchase, that information will be recorded and stored in your account. You will have access to that information anytime you choose to log into your account.

You can visit Our Site without providing any personal information. But once you decide to make a purchase, you must provide your full Name, your Address, Contact information and possibly your credit card information. That information is require to successfully fulfill your order.

Any Credit Card information you provide on Our Shopping Cart Checkout form is automatically encrypted and obscured from Our view by the card processing entity. That entity assigns the transaction a tag ID reference number. That ID number cannot reveal your original card data to anyone and therefore cannot be used to make any further transactions.

We store all purchase records indefinitely for future review and study to better understand performance, customer demands and preferences. This helps us serve the evolving needs and preferences of Our customers.

We have never, nor ever will sell any information we collect. At of the date of this revision, We have never used an outside service for the development of this site. If we ever do engage one, We will only choose a service who is completely vetted for high standards of integrity and data security.

Our Use Of Cookies

Our “Cookies” are tiny files that Our Site instructs your browser to store on your computer’s hard drive. This is a very common way for websites in general to track use and preferences. We use three cookies: One simply records the status of your shopping cart. Another records the products you added to your shopping cart, and the last remembers your session on the site. None of this data identifies you personally, only your choices, your browser and your 12-digit IP address.

The cookies all have an expiration time of about 30 days. And the benefit of allowing them is simply they will remember your choices. If for example, your browser were closed before you were finished with your purchase, you would not loose your choices. You could simply reopen your browser, return to the Site and pickup where you left off.

You can choose to opt out of Our use of cookies by altering the settings of your browser to not allow cookies. Doing so will only prevent your Shopping Cart choices from being remembered.

Log Data

Like many site operators, We collect information that your browser sends whenever you visit Our Site. That information is automatically stored on Our server in a log file. This Log Data may include general information such as your IP address, browser type, browser version, which the pages on Our Site you visited, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on those pages.

In addition, We may use third-party services such as Google Analytics that collect, monitor and analyze similar data. This Data is essential for analytics or tracking services in websites or apps, like Google Analytics. This information is vital to understand the health and effectiveness of the site in reaching and engaging its intended audience. None of this information in any way identifies you personally.

For example, Our Site will sense the screen size of your smart phone so it knows how to deliver content it can use. But it does not know who is holding the phone.


If you provide us with your email address, that information is stored on an outside highly vetted email service. As such you are consenting to receive from us Our newsletters, special offers, marketing and promotional materials. Each piece of communication will include an easy way to unsubscribe or opt out.


The security of your Personal Information is extremely important to us. We use every acceptable means to protect your data. This includes a high level of encryption when communicating with your browser and very strong passwords on all facets of Our Site and Our Server Hardware that hosts it.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of the date above, and will remain in effect with occasional revisions. Once we make and publish any changes, they will be effective immediately.

We reserve the right to update Our Privacy Policy at any time so you should review it periodically. Your continued use of Our Site after We update this Policy will affirm your awareness and consent of those modifications.

If We make any important changes to this Privacy Policy, We will notify you either by email, or by placing a notice on Our Site.

Opting Out

You can choose at any time to opt out of this privacy policy and Our storage of your Personal Information. To do so, simply contact us here. We will send a confirmation email address to confirm it’s you.

Once you reply and confirm your request, we will delete any of your personal information. We are however, required by state and federal law to maintain financial records for up to 3 years. So we may not be able to delete records of your purchase transactions.

Once we’ve deleted your Personal Information, We will update you by email to confirm your request has been completed.

How To Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us.