Frequent Questions From Our Customers

Below are the most relevant, useful and frequently asked questions we’ve gotten over the years about stash boxes and bags.

What is a stash box?

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A stash box is a container – typically made of crafted, finished wood – that’s designed to store your cannabis and protect it from the elements.

When protected from light, air, moisture and heat, your cannabis will last much longer and retain it’s flavor and potency.

Stash boxes are designed according to the need – to set out on display, to hide, or obscure from view. There is a locking version of all of these 3 variations.

Depending on your situation, you can choose a stash box that’s designed to be classy and set out where it’s accessible and unlocked.

Otherwise, you may need a stash box designed to hide your stash and protect your cannabis from other people or minors (as discussed in detail below).

Why do I need a stash box?

Because cannabis was completely illegal for so many years, if you had any, you had to keep it hidden away.

Depending on where you live, you may actually still be in that situation.

So the most common way people have stored their cannabis was to keep it hidden in a small jar or bag and shoved in a drawer or up on a top shelf in a closet.

They might also have kept things like a pipe, grinder, papers and a lighter together somewhere else – like wherever they typically rolled and smoked it.

Now, ever since dispensaries started legally selling cannabis, some people just keep it in the same plastic containers that came from the dispensary.

But the best container for your cannabis is actually a glass container with a tight sealing lid. And the best place to keep that is in a cool dark place – like a sturdy wooden box.

Choosing a stash box that’s actually designed to store your cannabis is smart because it becomes your “official” place to keep your stash.

And it depending on the box you choose, it will be designed to be set out on display or designed to be hidden.

How do I choose the right stash box?

Use our Stash Box Chooser App and in 3 clicks or less, find the stash box that will truly work for your situation.

The right stash box protects the right thing – according to your situation.

As a baseline, all good stash boxes do the same thing. They protect the cannabis in them from the elements like light, moisture, heat, and air.

Beyond that, there are 4 basic stash box designs:

  • The first is meant to be set out on display when you’re certain no one will get into it.
  • Lockable stash boxes will keep your children and perhaps other grownups out.
  • “Hide-in-plain-sight” stash boxes are designed protect your privacy by keeping your stash completely hidden.
  • The last basic design both locks and hides so you can be more certain no one (including children) will get into it.

You can choose the right one by simply looking around your home and assessing your living situation. If by chance you live alone and never have visitors, pick any stash box you like – they will all work for you.

But if there are others living or visiting your home, your choice of stash box depends entirely on the worst behaviors of any one person. Simple as that.

If every single person is completely trustworthy and they respect your boundaries, you can choose a stash box that does not lock and set it out on display.

The one bad apple

If however, among all the beautiful people you completely trust, there’s even one you don’t trust, then you need to choose a box that will hide your cannabis.

For a more complete guide, please refer to our extensive post Choose The Right Stash Box By Avoiding This One Simple Mistake.

Essentially, once you assess your living situation, choose a stash box to help protect against the worst case scenario.

How do I figure out what size of weed box to get?

Start by gathering all your cannabis goodies like your bud and edibles in one place. That includes all your jars, bags, pipes, vape pens, grinders, etc. – everything.

Push it all together in one spot and measure that group with a ruler, height, width, and depth. That will tell you the minimum size of box you need for just what you have now.

You should up the size anyway just to have room to add more things. Like if you have your different strains of bud in soft bags (not a good idea) and think you’ll want to move to jars, you will very likely need a bigger box.

We have customers who bought one box for their jars of bud and another for the accessories and other supplies.

I have a 7-year old boy, what kind of box should I get?

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He’s already old enough (or very soon will be) to start getting into all your things. So you have reason to be super careful how you store your herb.

Even more important, he’ll be bringing friends over as well.

With minors either visiting or living with you, you have to be very particular how you store your cannabis.

Keeping it in some baggie in a closet is not an option. Kids will eventually find it. Trust me, it will happen.

The most important thing to remember when investing in a stash box to protect your 7 year-old is that he won’t stay 7 for long.

Boys especially will get to an age where they’ll learn how to use tools. That means if they ever find a lockable stash box, they “might” decide to reach for something to pry it open and break the lock.

Your boy is probably well-behaved, but why take the chance?

In your case, I’d recommend this metal safe. It’s perfect if you have minors from about 9 and older, and actually costs less than a locking book box.

It’s the perfect size for a personal stash with the right amount of security hardware to protect your goodies from anyone in your house, young or old.

It comes with backup keys and the hardware you need to anchor it securely to a wall – so someone can’t just walk away with it.

What if I live in a state where cannabis is not legal?

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Only you can decide how to approach having cannabis where it’s not legal. But it’s obvious you have to be careful – no one can know you have it in the house.

So choose a style of stash box that’s designed to hide. Our line of “Hide-In-Plain-Sight” hollow book boxes would be ideal.

Put your cannabis in one of these, close the lid and it looks like an old book. Set it up on the shelf with other books – especially other old books – and it just blends in.

A good tip for giving the book box the best chance of blending in is to stop by a goodwill and buy a dozen old books about the same size.

Set those books as a group high up on a top shelf and but your stash book box in with them and it will just disappear.

You will notice it because, of course, you know the secret. But no one else will see it.

And depending on how many people you have visiting or living in your house, you may also want a box that locks as well.

Not only will a locking book stash box keep your stash quiet, but it will also keep it secured as well.

My girlfriend keeps her weed in a ziplock, I wanna surprise her with a stash box – any suggestions?

The simple answer is put yourself in her place. Choose a stash box for her by choosing it for her home situation. Think about who else visits or lives there, how they behave (can they be trusted?). Then determine how much room her stash collection needs.

Unless there are teenage (or soon to be teen) minors in the house, you can’t go wrong with a “Hide-In-Plain-Sight” hollow book stash box – maybe even one that locks.

If there are older kids in the house, choose the metal safe option (see above).

I know the ladies are all about style, but the most important thing about a stash box is function, not looks. Enjoy!!