More About The Stashlogix Line of personal cannabis bags

More About The Stashlogix Line of Stash Bag Products

Stashlogix Bag Group Shot

This is one of our favorite brands of personal cannabis bags – the very classy Stashlogix line of locking and scent-proof bag designs.

These are a new design of lifestyle locking carry bags that help you discreetly and safely lock and carry your stash with you out into the world.

Most important, Stashlogix has designed a wide selection of cannabis bags to choose from, depending on your needs.

And you can choose from simple to elaborate. From a small zip-bag that tucks into a pocket, a versatile, locking, shoulder bag/fanny pack, all the way to a locking, hardshell, air-tight, stash case.

Stashlogix designs all their personal cannabis bags to blend in so it attracts no attention.

Because having herb with you is a personal choice or a necessity. Either way, the only people who should know are the people you tell.

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Showing all 5 results