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Updated October 17, 2018

Authored by David Brickley

Who we are?

Store My Stash is an affiliate site that markets and sells products produced by other companies. As an affiliate site, we earn commissions from referrals or direct sales of personal cannabis storage products and accessories.

The small commissions we receive from your purchases don’t raise the price you pay or somehow cost you more. These commisions we earn are part of a very common marketing strategy that helps our partners sell products and helps Store My Stash to thrive.

To that end, we present great information and choices of the finest in personal herb storage options from manufacturers we have vetted and approved. We may also bring you our best opinions, current reviews, and information on related products.

Please know we will never promote or sell any products we do not believe in or cannot completely trust.

What can you learn here?


We take a keen interest in your experience using the cannabis storage items we market.

But we’re especially interested in what happens first: how you go about choosing one.

Because that choice then defines your experience later on – for better or worse.

There are many reasons to get a stash box or bag and it’s not always obvious how to match those reasons with the right kind of container.

Despite the fact that all the products we feature on this site are well made, high quality, and beautifully designed, we believe you shouldn’t choose one simply because you like the way it looks.

To learn more, you can review our in-depth guide which covers the (surprisingly) best way to choose a stash box: Looking For Trouble – How Your Worst Case Scenario Helps You Choose The Right Stash Box

Our focus

On this site, we stay focused on stash boxes or bag options that keep your cannabis out of sight. And in some cases, also locked up. That means they keep everyone – especially the children, safe.

We emphasize the best ways to store, preserve and protect your herb as well as keeping it out of the curious little hands of children, roommates, guests, friends, and family.

We also discuss a number of straightforward approaches to child safety as it applies to keeping them out of your stash.

The products we offer on this site give you a discreet and classy way to store your stash. But what you really get is a peace of mind.


Be well,

David Brickley

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