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Choose The Best Weed Stash Box For Protect Minors

Keeping your stash away from children this young is just common sense

It really takes no thought to keep your cannabis away from young children, just keep it way up out of reach.

Which is why our book box ideas are the best weed stash box for protecting minors. Not only do they blend in and attract no attention, but they also seem at home way up on a top shelf with other books.

The Best Weed Stash Box To Protect minors
The Best Weed Stash Box To Protect Children is one like our “Modern Art” Design, with a lockable, hide in plain sight book box, and faux leather cover

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If your kids were like those in Never Never Land and never, never grew up, then you could put your cannabis in any container up on a shelf and call it good.

But unlike Peter Pan, children do grow up and all too soon, they’ll be old enough to start exploring and getting into everyone’s things – including yours.

Knowing that, you should plan ahead and choose a stash box that not only won’t attract their attention, it’s also lockable.

So if by some very slim chance, your kids ever do find your box of goodies, they can’t open it – which of course, is why you should always, always lock it – always.

This describes one of our “hide-in-plain-sight” locking book stash boxes (seen here).

We make each one with faux leather covers and an eclectic mix of low-key classic designs and room for all your personal stash and goodies.

By itself, the book box is only half of what makes this idea work. The other half is you and how consistently your habits and choices keep your box of everyone’s radar.

When you order a stash box, it arrives as a secret.

Before you take it out of the shipping box, only you know your stash box exists and what it looks like. It’s a secret and only you can keep it that way.

The most important thing to remember is don’t do anything to draw anyone’s attention to it.

Everything you do from the moment you first unpack your new stash box should be geared towards keeping it secret. That includes waiting until you’re alone to open the package.

The interesting thing is by keeping your book stash box up on a shelf, you have to reach for it and take it down.

That makes it all the more likely you’ll put it back up on the shelf after you’ve gotten what you need.

The four simple stash book box rules when minors are in the house.

  • 1. ALWAYS set your book box on a top shelf with other books.
  • 2. ALWAYS wait until you’re alone before getting it down.
  • 3. ALWAYS lock and put your box back the moment you’re done.
  • 4. ALWAYS hide the keys in an unlikely place like a freezer bag labeled “Chicken Livers.”

And once you start using your new stash box, the only way it will stay a secret and hold it’s disguise is if you never tell anyone about it.

Never let anyone – adult or minor – see you reach for it, see you holding it or getting into it – period.

Only have it off the shelf and open just long enough to get what you need.

Then lock it (if it’s lockable) and put it back.

You get the idea. Never make anyone – especially your kids – aware of your stash box, where you keep it or how to get into it.

You should simply behave as though your stash box doesn’t exist.

Your whole approach should be based on the idea: “there’s no such thing as a secret that everybody knows.”

Beyond that, set your book box up where can blend in. A bookshelf with (of course) other books – preferably other old books.

If you need to, go to a Goodwill store and get some inexpensive old books that are about the same size.

Then the chances of anyone taking notice of your book stash box would be extremely low – almost like a bolt of lightning might find it first.