Small Digital Combination Safe

How To Seriously Lock Down Your Stash Of Cannabis To Protect Older Kids

When you have minors living with you who are old enough to be gifted at exploring every corner of the house (meaning getting into your things), you have kids who will eventually discover your stash of cannabis.

It will happen.

Or, if your kids are old enough to be asking for the car keys, not only are they old enough to eventually find your stash, they’re old enough to get past a simple lock.

That means you need to be proactive and up your game before that happens. Your answer is to put your cannabis stash on complete lockdown with a weed stash safe.

For example, if you have teenagers at home, then you need stash hardware rather than just a wood stash box.

That’s the only thing that will offer the peace of mind from knowing that no one, not your teens or their friends (or anyone else) can ever get into your cannabis.

That makes this small $39 digital combination safe is an amazing value.

You should think of it as your own personal Fort Knox.

This is a stash box?

It becomes a stash box the moment you put your stash in it. Too easy.

And we’re guessing that storing cannabis and goodies was not something the people who make this little safe originally intended.

But luckily, we saw the possibilities the moment we saw it.

But they were kind enough to make it the perfect size with the right amount of security hardware.

It can easily protect your goodies from anyone in your house – all at a great price.

With solid steel construction, it’s big enough to protect your personal stash of cannabis, stash accessories, and other goodies, yet small enough to fit nearly anywhere.

This combination safe comes with backup keys and the hardware you need to anchor it securely to a wall. That will keep someone from just walking away with it.

What’s more, you shouldn’t be worried about them finding your safe, whatever their age.

So if ever the kids come to ask you what’s in it, tell them whatever you like. Perhaps, “Grampa’s old dog’s ashes, and it smells bad.”

Okay, we’re not encouraging you to lie. But do remember you’re not obliged to say anything about the safe or what’s in it just because they found it.

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