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Avoid this one not-so-obvious mistake: choosing a stash box just because you like the way it looks. A better idea is to choose one because it’s right for your living situation.

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I Have Only Adult Visitors Around My Stash Box

Do friends and family respect your boundaries?

Didn’t see that question coming, did you? But it’s a great place to start a conversation about choosing the right stash box.

That’s because depending on who visits or lives at your home, you may need to get a stash box that not only protects your cannabis from the elements, but also one that protects it from people too.

Take a moment and think about the people who visit or live in your home. Would any of them be tempted to open your stash box if you not around?

Or worse, do you have family members or neighbors who would be a problem if they discovered you had “weed” in the house?

For some, cannabis is a real hot-button issue and for others, it’s seriously tempting.

Some find cannabis irresistible because it’s so much stronger and interesting than it’s ever been. And it’s now legal – or not – and it’s still a novelty.

Granted, most people would never reach into your stash of cannabis without your permission. But then, some might.

And that’s why you should choose a stash box that’s based on your situation. Choosing one just because you like the way it looks is not enough of a reason. Let’s talk about why…

The kind of stash box you decide on depends entirely on how everyone around it behaves – meaning can you trust them?

Friends And Family Group Shot

You love your friends and family, but still…

There’s a very simple rule of thumb that may help: If there are 99 people around your stash box that you trust completely and one more you cannot, then choose a stash box that will protect your cannabis from that one person.

Even more important, are there any minors to worry about? Do you have a room mate who brings random people home?

Or is your situation somehow a little more dire? Do you have a landlord who would be really upset to find out you have cannabis in the place you’re renting?

All the more reason to choose the right stash box and store your cannabis according to your situation.

These are just a few of the many situations that will help choose the right stash box.

Which leads us to describe the two basic kinds of boxes: one for display and another for hiding.

If you never have visitors – or have only super chill friends, family and house mates, then you likely can choose a decorative box for display.

Otherwise, you should pick a secret stash box designed to hide – and perhaps also locks.

Hakuna Signature Line Walnut Stash Box

The very act of getting a stash box makes it official

Just by getting a special container designed to hold your cannabis you are making a statement. You have cannabis in your life and it rightfully deserves to be somewhere better than in a paper bag and shoved in a closet.

The thing is, there are a lot of choices. Each kind of stash box has different features and ways they are used.

For example, If you choose a stash box that’s disguised to look like a book, you’re also choosing to have a more careful mindset whenever you use it.

Otherwise you might accidentally reveal the secret of your stash box and then the disguise will stop working.

Upside Down Dog - Never Flip The Script

Never flip the script

Speaking of secrets, it’s not a good idea to choose a display stash box and then hide it. Nor choose a secret stash box and then set it out on the coffee table for everyone to see.

If someone should ever find the display stash box you hid, they’ll very likely be curious enough to open it. That’s only natural because It looks both interesting and valuable.

And if you set your secret book stash box out for everyone to see and play with, it will never again work like it’s supposed to.

Because if you ever put it up on the shelf with your other books, people will recognize it.

There’s no such thing as a secret that everybody knows.

This was just a quick look at how to choose stash gear to best match your situation.

For a much more complete read, you can check out this Extensive Guide On Choosing A Stash Box that covers the topic in some detail.

So click the descriptions below that best resemble your situation and see what kind of stash box it suggests for you.